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live dance lounge

We are always looking for new talent with exciting original routines, so contact us via email and send your photos and/or videos. Our managers will contact those applicants of immediate interest.

Experienced security bouncers and doormen are essential personnel for the safety of our team as well as our patrons.

We are always on the hunt for guest DJs looking to spin their way into the action here at Emotions Dinner Theater Panama. Send us your demo reel or recent set so we can give a listen to your style.

cocktail bar

If you are skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks, we’d love to chat about the possibilities. Emotions Dinner Theater Panama values the art and theater of expertly prepared cocktails.

We constantly recruit new bartenders with a keen sense of hospitality and great work ethic. If you’d like to join our growing team of pros dedicated to working in a fast-paced Dinner and Theater – please contact us.

Great cast member keep the mood moving and the patrons happy! At Emotions Dinner Theater we are always looking to expand our horizons with unique individuals who thrive on taking care of the customers!

vip lounge


Dinner and Theter experience, male 26 years or older, with high-level organizational skills and the ability to work as a team. PC knowledge, R-keeper, and presentable professional appearance needed. Main responsibilities include organization and control of staff. For personal interview consideration, email your resume.

Emotions Dinner Theater security team is a critical element to the success of our business and the safety of our team and customers.

Event coordination and assistance is a constantly evolving area that requires diligence and expertise. If you think you have what it takes to create, plan and execute exciting events to keep a Theater hot – contact us!

LIFE AT Emotions Dinner Theater

where work feels like play

We’re always excited to interview new talent to join our growing family of dedicated entertainers and service specialists! We welcome those with experience in the fields of hospitality, security and professional entertainment to apply for positions open now and in the future.

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Emotions dancers

Bartender Opening

We currently are seeking a female bartender to join our team – only one opening at this time! Applicants must be 20 years or older with a sociable, cheerful personality and a responsible work ethic. Work experience is required, as is a well-groomed, attractive appearance. Please send resume and mandatory photo for personal interview consideration.

Talent Opportunity

Now interviewing attractive females minimum age 18 years old looking to enter the entertainment field. Work experience is not required, as we will teach dance for free! Our pro stylists and makeup artists will work their magic for a bright, unforgettable look, with costumes and footwear selected individually. Nonresident housing and financial assistance is possible. Contact us to schedule an interview and start earning a guaranteed stable high income!

Pro-Talent Opportunity

Now interviewing attractive females minimum age 20 years old, height 170, weight 50-55 kg. who are responsible, diligent, and have a choreographic education (required) to participate in ballet show productions. Work experience welcome, but training time can be negotiated individually. Contact us to schedule an interview and participate in the exciting world of cabaret while earning a stable, high income!

SEEKING SOLO DANCERS OF DIFFERENT GENRES (belly dancer, go-go, exotic routines, acrobatic dance, etc.) with fantastic, bright dance numbers to participate in Emotions Dinner Theater programs and live shows.


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