Terms and Conditions

This ticket is proof of purchase of a ticket to attend the event shown on the front of the ticket and is subject to the full terms and conditions which can be found at . and conditions which can be found at www.emotionsdinnertheater.com. Such voucher may be revoked without refund for failure to comply with these terms. Time, date, performers or any information promoted for this event is subject to change at the event organizer's risk.     The ticket holder assumes all risks occurring before, during, or after the event, including injury from any cause whatsoever, including event, including injury from any cause whatsoever and releases management, the facility, the premises, the league, the participants, the clubs, the performers, their representatives and staff, www.emotionsdinnertheater.com, their respective affiliates and representatives, from any and all related claims. related. Take care of your ticket, as it cannot be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction and is valid only for the event printed on the ticket. We reserve the right the right to ask you to show your identification and credit card used for the purchase of the ticket. The name on the ticket must match the ID and credit card used. the credit card used. The event organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to the event if this information is not provided.




1.    THE PROMOTER's customers will pay for the services offered by THE PROMOTER through its website. https://www.emotionsdinnertheater.com/ Virtual POS (virtual point of sale) system using your VISA OR MASTERCARD cards, using the services of THE COMPANY as a payment as a payee. .


2.    The services offered to THE PROMOTER are the tools for the sale and promotion of their events. to be offered in Panama with the option of selling preferential ticketsto be offered in Panama that are not part of the selection of an assigned seat through the site . https://www.emotionsdinnertheater.com/ , with a transaction fee of 5% + $1.50 per ticket which will be deducted at the time the funds are transferred to These commissions remain in the possession of THE COMPANY and are not refundable.y

3.  .   THE PROMOTER accepts the retention of (50%) which will be released 3 business days after the celebration of the event, if there are ongoing chargebacks the funds will be deducted from the amount of the chargeback. The transaction fee of 5% + $1.00 per ticket is non-refundable. The 50% will be transferred 3 business days prior to the event.

4.      The DEVELOPER shall be liable for all claims at the time THE COMPANY requires collection and THE DEVELOPER refrains from payment, THE COMPANY may legally proceed.

5.      The DEVELOPER shall be responsible for payment plus any legal costs involved in such recovery process..

6.      In the eventthe eventoffered in Panama should it be cancelled THE PROMOTER will be 100% responsible for returning to the buyers the funds in full without exception within 5 days, and must communicate through the Press, Radio, Television, Web Page of such cancellation and exempts The Company from commitments.

7.      THE COMPANY assumes no liability whatsoever when any of the following situations occur:

a.       Malfunctioning and/or abnormal operation, including no operation at all, of the card processor servers..

b.      Malfunctioning and/or abnormal operation, including null operation, of any intermediary involved in the process..

c.       Closed profit produced by any of points a and b above..

d.      Warranty, support, technical service, repair, indemnification, replacement, reshipment, claims, complaints, complaints, denunciations of the goods and/or services sold by THE PROMOTER, who assumes full, complete and total  legal responsibility for the services offered, expressly agreeing to exclude THE COMPANY, the legal personality of the same and the persons who work or are related in any way with them, from any procedure, in any way and for any reason, of events resulting from the sale of services by THE PROMOTER. .

e.      Bank expenses and commissions or those of related financial entities of which THE DEVELOPER is a client, arising from the deposit, deposit or transfer of the amounts delivered by THE COMPANY to THE DEVELOPER, even in the event that such expenses are generated by THE COMPANY. of the amounts delivered by THE COMPANY to THE DEVELOPER, even in the event that such expenses are generated by THE COMPANY.

f.        THE COMPANY assumes no responsibility for the fiscal and tax liabilities of THE DEVELOPER..



This Agreement is governed by the Laws of the Republic of Panama.


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